Boston Training 2016: Week 10 – Small hiccup?

Last week I let you know that running felt like a chore but because I was following a schedule I went for a run. This past week I felt great and enjoyed all of my runs. There was only a little hiccup that happened on my long run on Saturday.

My week looked like this:

Monday when I woke I could hear the rain falling heavily outside my window. It sounded pretty but I did hope it would let up by the time I wanted to go for my run. That wasn’t the case but I had the best feeling run. I decided that instead of running my regular 8km route I would vary things up. I ran around ‘new to me’ streets in the neighborhoods close by and got lost in my run. I started to wonder if some of the streets would make a good place for us to do our Wednesday night speed and strength workouts? Something I will look into. When I arrived back home I was soaked through two layers but felt amazing! I was ready to start the day.

Happiness is running in the warm rain.

Tuesday morning I went to a Moksha Flow Yoga class and left feeling great.

Wednesday evening I had run club and the temperature outside was mild. We arrived at Frontrunners and three of the guys that Warren works with had come out to see what the club runs were like. I was happy to see that as I like to encourage new runners to join the club.

Our workout was 5 x 4 mins at marathon pace-10km pace-marathon pace-10km pace-marathon pace. I started the workout with Beth but on the first 10km pace run she started running outside way outside my comfort level pace wise so I ended up running the rest of the workout on my own. I was ok with that because I pushed myself but was also able to maintain consistency with my pace for each segment which was the goal for the workout. I came home feeling strong and energized.

Thursday morning Sue and I met for our 5km run. Before I left the house I made sure I had my bike and yoga gear ready to go. I then left home to run towards Sue’s place and we double backed on the route because it is a little over 2km to her house from mine. Once I got back home I changed jackets and headed to a Slow Flow class. An extra treat to my morning was seeing my fellow running friend, Mae.

Friday I took as a rest day because I felt with all the running that was scheduled for the weekend I needed one day of rest.

Saturday the marathon running clinic had 23km on their schedule while I had 29km. Warren dropped me off near the Six Mile Pub and I ran the Galloping Goose to Silvercity Cinema parking lot where the marathon clinic groups were meeting. The first part of my run felt good but as I got going I could start to feel some discomfort around my ankle/shin area of my left leg. My left foot is where I was diagnosed with metatarsal head drop and my toes have been feeling much better since I put the metatarsal pads in my sneakers. Midway through the run I debated on if I should keep running or if I should stop but continuing to run and slowing my pace won out.

Rainbow seen on my run.

By the time I finished I felt strong for my run but my leg was giving me some concern. What did it mean? What caused it? Did I do the exercises I was given wrong the night before? Or did I actually do them right for the first time and I had muscle soreness? So, many questions going through my head.

Cindy drove me home and when I got out of her car I could barely put pressure on my left leg. Oh no! Once I was inside I had my lunch and put ice on my leg. I then had to quickly get showered because I was helping out at Frontrunners Westshore with race bib pick up for the Hatley 8km race my club hosts as part of VIRA. I enjoy volunteering for these kinds of events because it is a great way for me to meet new runners who I don’t get to connect with race day.


So, Sunday…race day! I woke up around 3:00 am and when I got out of bed I struggled to walk. That was not how I had hoped my leg would feel. I went back to bed in hopes to get some more sleep but my mind wouldn’t turn off. I kept thinking about all the ‘what if’s?’ Never anything one can control and as much as I know that I couldn’t go back to sleep. So, I got up and started this post.

Before I went to bed Saturday night I had told Warren that if I woke up with the pain I wouldn’t be racing. This was hard for me but it still the choice that I am sticking with. I said a while back that Boston was my end goal and I know that if I race I will could do more harm than good. So, I will be there volunteering and showing my support to my fellow runners.

Total Distance: 53.88km

Do you like running in the warm rain? Would you have gone running or stayed home?

Do you listen to your body when you have another end goal in mind? Or would you race?


6 thoughts on “Boston Training 2016: Week 10 – Small hiccup?

  1. Oh no! I hope you’re foot starts to feel better soon. I’ve had to take two weeks off during my half marathon training so that my foot can heal. It’ll be worth it in the long run to get back to normal but it’s hard decision to make. Good luck!


    1. Thank you! I was able to see my physio guru at the race yesterday cause she was helping out with massages afterwards. She taped my tib and said that because my tib post is still weak that I am compensating in another area. 😦
      So, she suggested I take one more day of rest from running and then go back at it on Wednesday. Hard for me to do but I am being smart and keeping my eye on the prize. 🙂
      We runners are stubborn sometimes.
      Good to hear you listened to your body previously.


    1. I would rather run in the rain than the heat as well. When we travel to a warmer destination I still like to get up in the morning to run so I don’t have to run in the heat. My husband though loves it.
      Resting again today so my allows me to run on Wednesday this week.
      How are things with your training?

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  2. Sorry to hear you missed your race, but it sounds like you made the right decision. It’s not always easy to take, but sometimes it’s better to sacrifice a day or two of running than have a long-term injury and miss a goal race. I’d like. To the i’dbe able to make the same decision, but who knows!


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