Boston Training 2016: Week 11 – Hitting a Pole.

Another week logged on the treads of my sneakers and only 50 days til the marathon.

This week had a few changes to the weekly schedule but they were good ones.

I took Monday off from running because Steph had said if my training could afford it, one more day of rest would be good for me. My training could and she was right. I ended up taking the day off work too because I was feeling under the weather. I think my body just needed some extra rest and I was able to nip whatever was trying to creep in.

Tuesday morning I woke feeling better and I went to a yoga class. I love the warm studio in the morning and the way my body feels after a class. Ah…yoga bliss.

Wednesday night was run club and our workout was  3 x 6 minutes at 8km race pace with a two minute recovery in between. Before we left for the workout Nick and I tried to find a new area in the neighborhood to run so we could change things up. We couldn’t find a place without hills so we stuck to our tried and true 800 meter loop. I ran with Pat for the workout because he runs quicker than I do. I had asked him if I could run with him because I want some help to push myself outside of my comfort zone. We did well together and I kept pace while he tracked our time. As we neared the end of the last six minutes Pat said “Let’s pick up the pace a bit more.” I already felt like my legs were crusing but I did as he said and we ended our last set faster. I felt amazing and loved how Pat encouraged me along.


I text Sue on Wednesday night to say that my leg was feeling good and I could run with her on Thursday morning. She was happy for that and we decided to add a bit of hills to our 5km shake out run.

Once back home I made the decision to go to a Slow Flow class so quickly boogied to collect all my things for class and the day. It was an exciting class for me because I did my first assisted Wheel Pose or Chakrasana with the help of Darci. I thanked Darci after class and asked if she is could help me a few more times so I can get comfortable before doing the pose on my own. She agreed and I look forward to it.

Thursday evening I ran with Frontrunners Westshore as a leader for the next steps clinic. They were down a leader for the evening so I said I could help out. The group I ran with were running 10 minutes x 4 with a two minute walking recovery.

It was a nice evening and I ran with a girl named Kendra. She was asking how she could get faster for her TC10k finish time? I suggested that she do some speed work. Since she is new to it I recommended starting out slowly so she didn’t injure herself. I said to start with a warm up, then five minutes of speed work and then a cool down. The five minutes of speed work could consist of running from one telephone pole to another at a quicker pace or sprint. She could then walk or jog to the next pole as recovery and begin again. I suggested that if she found that the time inbetween one pole wasn’t enough time to recover she could run the distance of two and then start again. She liked the idea so hopefully she includes it in her training.

It was fun running with new people and it was nice to connect with Sean who I hadn’t seen for awhile. img_20160225_193041.jpg

Friday I was off work, it was a rest day and I got to spend the day with Warren.

Saturday morning I had a 32km run while the clinic runners had a 23km run. We were meeting at the Henderson Recreation Centre so I mapped out a run to get me to the centre so I could do my extra distance. We were a little late leaving the house so I only got 5km in beforehand. I was feeling stressed about the run because I wasn’t sure what my leg was going to feel like. It had been on my long run last week when it started to hurt so would it again? I had it taped so I was hoping for the best but still worried.

Earlier in the week when the run was sent out one of the runners commented and said something like “I’m glad the route isn’t hilly.” which I took as sarcasm. Since the area isn’t my normal running area I wasn’t sure what the ‘hills’ would be like though. Well, I found out.

PC: Ed 

We had two 15 minute me time runs* and the last one at the end of the run felt like a bit of a stuggle but I pushed through. I found out from Stephen after I the run that the feel of the hills for the last me time run are similar to Heartbreak Hill in the Boston Marathon. It was interesting that he told me that because as I was running I had been thinking about Heartbreak Hill which arrives at the 36km mark of the marathon.

Now for the fun part of my long run. Around the 19km mark (24km for me) of the route I had a little mishap. I started to tell Lisa behind me about something on Pinterest when I got pinned to a pole. (Leona’s clever play on words). SMACK! I ran into a pole while running and stopped dead in my tracks. That pole didn’t waiver one bit. I was startled more than anything and was lucky I didn’t hit my face or head. The left side of my chest took the brunt of it I have a bit of a bruise that has started. As the day went on the pain got worse and I feel like I have some internal brusing.

Other than the pole saying ‘Hello’ my run felt good and my leg held up which I was happy for. My fellow runners also let me know about upcoming poles on the sidewalk by hollering “pole”as we went along. It’s a good thing I have a good sense of humor and that I was running for cake. It was Warren’s birthday and I had made him a black forest cake with the help of my friend Sharon giving me tips and tricks on icing and decorating it.


Total distance for the week: 58.15km

Have you hit something while running?

What do you run for sometimes? What is your favorite kind of cake?

*Me time runs are ran it your marathon pace that you wish to do on race day.


7 thoughts on “Boston Training 2016: Week 11 – Hitting a Pole.

  1. I’ve never hit a pole running, however…skiing yes! I was in Jr. High skiing at Martock and someone else from behind me hit the back of my skis and I went flying into the pole that holds up the chair lift…#9 to be exact! That thing RANG like crazy! No joke!!!
    Glad you were okay, when I read that online I was a little worried about you. Hope it was nothing.


    1. Late replying…sorry about that. Busy week.

      That sounds painful Anna. I am sure it did ring. Wow. Hope you weren’t hurt too bad.

      I have had a run in with a chair lift when I lived in Banff. The bruise on my thigh was awful.

      I am quite sore now and running is hard. My chest doesn’t like it but the doctor on Thursday said it will take some time to heal. Roughly 6 weeks so hopefully by Boston I will be ok.


  2. Looks like you had a great week 🙂 Glad your leg held up and you had a good long run!
    Haha yes I have done that too! We were running laps on the grass in the middle of the track at uvic and I was chatting away and ran right into one of the goal posts! Definitely had a bruised ego more than anything I think 🙂 My team did help me out by giving me ‘pole warnings’ too for the rest of the workout!


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