Boston Training 2016: Week 15

I am now less than three weeks away from the Boston Marathon. Oh, my! Each day I am getting more excited about running it.

I am late posting my recap of last weeks training, or at least, what I feel is late posting. I spent my Easter weekend away from the computer and time with Warren. It was like we had a mini vacation which was needed to recharge.

Last Monday morning started with a tired recovery run after my long run on Sunday. I knew it was going to be a struggle for me to get out and run so I asked Warren for his help. I assembled my food and clothes for the day in a bag and he dropped them off at my office before he went to his work. I left not long after he did and started my slow slog to work. I felt like my legs were barely moving but I didn’t stop to walk as much as I wanted to. As I reached the gate of Royal Roads University my watch hit an even 9km and that was good enough for me.

Tuesday I went to yoga for a Moksha Flow class with Andrea. My chest is feeling better and I was able to do the flow sequence which was nice.

Wednesday night I had run club and it was one our longest workouts on the schedule. We run from the Frontrunner Store on Goldstream Avenue to Dunsmuir Middle School. It is about 3.5km to get there but it seems longer. Our workout is four to five repeats of a 1200 meter loop that starts at the school. My legs were still feeling tired from Monday so I was happy when I completed four loops at a good pace for me.

Thursday morning I headed out for a 7km run solo as my trusty sidekick Sue went to Maui for ten days. Lucky lady!  Warren wanted to go to a yoga class since he wasn’t working so he drove to the studio with our gear so we could go to Darci’s Slow Flow class. It was a win-win situation for us both and I am lucky to have Warren’s support so I can get my scheduled runs in.

Friday we were both off so went walked from home to Mill Hill which is about 3km from our house. It was a crisp morning but the sun was shining. It was a great way for us to be out and enjoying time together. I have missed hiking lately but once I have completed Boston I will be back on the trails.

View of the Esquimalt Lagoon from the top of Mill Hill.

Saturday was a big day in my training schedule and my longest run. The clinic I help lead through Frontrunners had 34km on their training schedule while I had 38km. The group was running from the Frontrunners downtown store to Sidney. When I was training last year for the Ottawa Marathon I ran 38km from Langford to Sidney. So Warren didn’t have to drive me somewhere early I ran from home to meet the group at Uptown on the Galloping Goose/Lochside Trail. That gave me my extra distance and I could complete the last of the run with them or plan to.

I connected with Cindy along the trail who was running to meet her group at the same location.  We waited for our groups to arrive but after awhile we were getting cold so we decided to just start our run on our own and they could catch up.  She and I ran together for about 5km for a bit and got caught up. I then continued on solo as the group still hadn’t connected with us.

As I ran through Cordova Bay Nate passed me and then a few other guys from the Express Train section of our group. I am in the Commuter Train section of the group we run about 10-15 seconds slower than the Express Train.

I didn’t want to stop running because I find my legs don’t like the start and stop when running the longer runs. Since I knew where I was going and others knew that I was out there I just continued on. The run to Sidney is pretty but at the same time, it is boring to me as it is just one long, straight, path you follow. I like twists and turns when I run because it keeps my mind distracted. As I neared the turnaround point for the Bazan Bay 5km race I checked my watch and I had 3km left. I talked myself through the last bit of my run and as soon as my watch hit 38km I started walking. Phew! I had done it and it was a beautiful day for a run.

Warren met me in Sidney to take me back home after he completed his run with his half marathon group in a different location. Once home I had a bath with Epsom salts to help my tired legs recover. I find it really helps me after a long run. I also drank some grape nuun to replace electrolytes. Mmm.

Total distance for week: 67.79km

Do you add Epsom salts to your bath after you run?

Have you tried nuun? What is your favorite kind?



2 thoughts on “Boston Training 2016: Week 15

  1. I keep meaning to buy Epsom salts but I never get around to it…I’ll have to do it when we move next month and have a better bath tub 🙂

    As for nuun, strawberry lemonade is my favorite. I love that stuff. Good luck with your taper! We are so close now!


    1. Yes, Epsom salts are a must for us runners. I buy mine at Costco and get a large container…shocker I know 😉
      I haven’t tried the Strawberry Lemonade. I will have to.
      Good luck with your taper too!

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