Boston Training 2016: Week 16 & I have Spring Fever

This past week we have had great weather in Victoria and I have had a bit of extra bounce in my step and groove in my hands. In my hands? Yes, if you drove by me this week while I was riding my bike to work you would have seen my hands moving to the music playing on my iPod. And more than likely I was singing as well. The song “My House” by Flo Rider is one of my favorites right now. The fragrance of all the blossoms in my neighborhood is a great little pick me up too.

A look back on the week of training:

On Monday morning, my plan was to run 10km but once Warren and I started running my legs told me differently. It was a tough slog and we just got through 8km. It had been awhile since Warren and I ran together so it was nice to have that time with him. It was his rest day too so he was Ok with my slower pace.


Tuesday I went to yoga. This is typical for me and seems to be what works best for me and my training.

Wednesday night was run club and it was the first night of Spring training that we could do our workout on the Galloping Goose Trail. It was a pace build workout so it was the perfect place for it because we can just continuously run and not have to worry about traffic or lights to slow us down. The evening was so nice that I wore a tank top and shorts. It is something as small as that, that can change my frame of mind for running. I am sure my fellow runners know what I mean.

Thursday morning I got all the things I needed for the work day ready and left the house dressed in my running gear and rode my bike to Moksha. I had a 5km run on the schedule and I also wanted to go to yoga. It was a mild morning and the air felt nice and refreshing. Once I arrived back to the studio I chatted with Darci a bit and then made my way into the warm yoga room. It felt nice after my run. As I went through the class I felt strong and really enjoyed the class. It was a nice change for me because I had been struggling with the flow classes lately. I was even able to get into wheel pose on my own with only some assistance from Darci once in the position. I was excited by this and again, just a little thing but a good thing.

On Sunday, we have the last race of the VIRA series in Sooke and it is a hilly 10km race. I had Friday off from work so I did my long run then instead of Saturday. I thought to give my legs one day of rest before the race would be beneficial. We had a car appointment downtown so I left the house before Warren and headed out on my 22km run. I had planned my leaving so that I would arrive around the time that he would. It was a cooler morning but the sunrise was beautiful. The run itself was pretty good but I also felt a bit tired. I know this is Ok and that is why training plans have a taper period.

Sunrise peaking through the trees.

Overall I am looking forward to Boston. We are getting emails from the Boston Marathon that are telling us about various events happening and things to look forward to. I am getting asked questions by others about how I am feeling about the big day and I can say “Good.” and mean it. I can’t wait to take it in and be part of it all.

Deets that some of you may want to know unless you have crept me already, which I am all good with.

Bib number: 15367    Wave/Corral: 2/8    Start time: 10:25am GMT

Total distance this week: 46.18km and a 10km race Sunday (This seems so little to have run compared to my previous weeks.)

Is the weather turning nice where you are?

Do you have a yoga pose that you have succeeded in doing lately?


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