Race Recap of the Sooke River 10km & VIRA series

The Sooke River 10km is the last race of the VIRA series. The day was a nice one and the temperature was perfect for running. One our way to the race and even while getting ready to run I was feeling tired. I just felt like going out and running an ‘easy’ paced 10km. I wasn’t feeling in race mode but I was content with that. Boston is two weeks away and my main goal.

I did a warm up run with Warren around the parking lot of the school and headed to the start line. We were counted down and away we went. I could see some of the girls who I typically run with passing me. I looked at my watch and I was running a 4:05/km and I knew I was getting caught with the crowd so I slowed my pace. I had some new music on my iPod and was enjoying it.

The run takes you towards Sooke Potholes and it is all downhill. I said to Leona at the beginning, “What goes down, must go up.” I felt like I was running at a comfortable pace and I was enjoying my run. I didn’t feel the need to push myself and try to catch up to others. After the turn around point, though, something in me changed and I wanted to pick up my pace so I went with it.

I felt good and powered up the hills. The distance markers didn’t make me feel like groaning and I felt comfortable. As I approached the last 800 meters of the run I was short one song on my playlist. Never a fan of hearing myself breathe but it was just for a short distance. I finished in a time of 44:38 and took 26 seconds off last years time. Good enough for fourth in my age group.

So, another season of racing in the VIRA series is done and recorded in Raceday Timing services. Overall I feel good about my races and happy with my results. At the end of the Sooke River 10km race, the series awards took place. For my age group Jen and I were tied for fourth, and fifth place. To break the tie we did one round of rock, paper, scissors to see who would be fourth and who would be fifth. I picked scissors and she picked rock. She got the fourth position and I took fifth. It was a fun way to end the series.

Jen and I
Six out of seven races completed and volunteered at two.

Each year after the VIRA series ends, if Warren is home, our tradition is to go to the Shell Station in Sooke for a big ole ice cream cone. They serve Island Farms ice cream and it is delish. I always have Chocolate Peanut Butter and another flavor. This time, it was Moose Tracks. Mmmm.

Ice cream cone the size of Warren’s head.

Have you ever tied with someone else at a race? If so, how did you break the tie?

Do you have a tradition at the end of a race or a series?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

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