Boston Training 2016: Week 17 – Time

My second to last week of training completed and there are eight sleeps until the big day.

All but my last run this week was painful as I reinjured my chest on Sunday after the Sooke River 10km race. No, I didn’t run into a pole again. Warren and I went to Home Depot on Sunday evening to pick up a couple of shelves and some odds and ends that we needed for our new closet.  Instead of getting a cart we carried them. They were a bit heavy for me but I was only carrying them a short distance so just went with it. Well, by the time I went to bed I was in some pain and struggled to sleep.

Monday morning when I left the house for my run I had pain in my chest and into my throat. I ran the majority of the time being upset with myself for not getting a cart. By the end of the run, I decided that being upset wouldn’t change how I felt so I just needed to deal with it.

Tuesday morning I was dressed to go to a yoga class but spent too much time puttering around and didn’t have enough time to ride my bike to the studio. So instead, I got myself ready for work to walk and read my book along the way.

Wednesday morning I walked to work and then had run club in the evening. I felt a bit tired and my chest still hurt. We had 4 x 6-minute repeats with a pace build. (marathon-half marathon-10km-5km) I did this workout solo and did my best to keep pushing myself each time. It was a nice night for a run.

Thursday morning I ran into time issues again so instead of a run and then yoga, it was just yoga. I hadn’t been to a class all week and my body was telling me I needed a class. So, I packed my running and yoga gear and put it in my bike basket. I ran my shake out run after work to get myself home. It was a warm evening and nice for a run but I felt tired. I just slogged along and reminded myself that was why we do shake out or recovery runs. They help you to be ready for your long run.

Friday I took as another rest day and just rode my bike back and forth to work.

Enjoying my first bike ride in my fave t-shirt from the Broken Goat trail run last year.

Saturday morning I didn’t run with other clinic leaders and runners. Instead, I ran 16km the long way to Esquimalt and met Warren at work. It was a beautiful morning. When I left home it was just becoming light and the sky was clear. As I arrived though at the Craigflower and Admirals Road intersection it was foggy. At this point in my run I could see the moon, and above it, a layer of fog and on top was the sun. It was so beautiful I even said “Wow!” out loud. I felt pain-free, energized and happy to know it was my last long run before the marathon.

I then spent most of Saturday volunteering at an aid station at the Cobble Hill race. It was the first race in the Vancouver Island Trail Running Series. It was a warm day in the sun cheering on and supporting runners with drinks, fruit, and candy. I really enjoyed myself and love helping out the running community. I get to meet so many new people and connect with those running or volunteering that I already know.

PC Matt Cecil
Photo Credit: Matt Cecill

How was your week and weekend?

Total Distance this week: 40.99km

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