Going to the Boston Marathon

The act of qualifying for the Boston Marathon is huge and depending on how much you qualify by is just as important because the cutoff window is different every year depending on how many faster times of runners have been submitted in hopes to run. This is something I have learned since September 2015.

I never thought I would run a marathon because I thought people were crazy for wanting to run for such a long time in one go. I then changed my tune and saw it as the next goal to achieve in my running. When I ran my first marathon last May I set a goal time of 3:30 that I thought I could achieve and hoped on race day I would be successful.

I knew that the Ottawa Marathon was a Boston Qualifier (BQ) course but the Boston Marathon wasn’t a race I had thought of doing. It wasn’t until midway through my training when Amanda commented on one of my Instagram (IG) photos of my watch and asked if I was going to try to BQ? At the time, I didn’t even know what my qualifying time was but found out for my age group it was 3:40. I then decided that if I did reach my goal that I would submit my time for Boston.


Moving forward to the last couple weeks and I have been asked if I am excited about Boston? I tell people “Yes.” but I feel like I am only half telling the truth and I know this sounds weird. I think when I head to the airport on Friday morning the real excitement will kick in. I am excited to attend the race expo on Saturday morning and be surrounded by all the other runners. The energy of the city will be what helps to fuel my excitement.

Over the last 17 weeks, I have been told so much about what it is like in Boston, from those who have been there for the race weekend. I have an image in my head of what it will be like and look forward to the reality of it all. I also learned from some that achieving a BQ time can be difficult and it is a real honor to go if you can. 

With five days to go until race day, I feel prepared and anxious to show up next Monday morning with 24,000 other runners who have been successful in reaching their goal. I will ‘Run My Run!’, enjoy the experience and do my best to take it all in.

I have had a lot of support during my training from Warren, my friends, and fellow runners, my family, my physio and massage guru’s at Parkway Physio and so many more. I am VERY thankful to everyone who has helped me and without all of you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Thank You!

When does excitement start for you when you are travelling for a race?

Is Boston a goal race for you one day?


6 thoughts on “Going to the Boston Marathon

  1. For me, the excitement really begins at the expo, especially if I have to collect my race number there. There’s always a nervous energy and excitement that’s contagious.
    All the best for your race. Run your run!


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