Boston Training 2016: The end.

I have now completed the last week of my training for the Boston Marathon. All I have left to do now is run it…no big deal right?

My last week looked like this:

Monday – Ran from home towards Warren’s work where he picked me up at the Canadian Tire on Admerials Road. Warren was headed away for a week of sailing so I was bringing the car back home.

Tuesday – Yoga class with Andrea.

Wednesday – Kathleen, Pat and myself carpooled to the downtown Frontrunners Store for a run. There was a ‘Boston Social’ to celebrate those of us headed off to Boston.  Before we headed out for our run Nick and Jamie asked us to gather in front of everyone so they could congratulate us. I felt a bit awkward and also a bit like a famous person. I had never had this happen to me before just for going to a race. We didn’t join the other runners for their workout but all the Boston bound peeps ran an easy paced 6k run. We did four laps of Beacon Hill Park and headed back to the store for cake. It was a cake from Cakes Etc. and it was delicious.


There were a lot of runners there and I connected with my friends and some new runners. Two neat things that happened.

I met a girl named Andrea who complimented me on my nails. She asked if I had placed my accent nails on the fingers I did for a specific reason? I told her “No. I just like to be different.” She then gave me suggestions as to why there were the way there were.
My ring finger connects to my heart and I have to run ‘Heartbreak Hill’ during my race. Then my thumb was for giving thumbs up as I run. It was perfect. I told her that while I was running I would be thinking of what she said. I loved it!


The second thing happened just as I was getting ready to leave. A guy named Paul (I think that was his name.) said to me “Do you have a running blog?” I said “Yes. It’s called Early Bird Runner.” I asked him how he knew that because I had never met him before. He said “I see Christy like your posts and that’s how I found it.” I love meeting new people who have found my blog. I never really know who it reaches outside of my friends and family.

Thursday, I did my last Thursday morning run with Sue. I love how she is willing to meet me in the morning when most are off in lala land. It was great to spend time with her and she helped to ease my mind a bit. Before she left she said a few things to me but what made me smile and have some happy tears was “You are my person and I want to go to Boston next year. Have a great run cause you have to come with me.”

I then went to a yoga class to give my body one last stretch. I thanked Darci and her studio for helping me to get where I am today.

Friday I was up at 2:45 am and Lisa picked me up to go to the airport at 4:00 am. Our flights were leaving at 6:30 am. We were on different ones but arrived in Boston within 20 minutes of each other. I connected with my Aunt Shay for the flight from Toronto. It was nice to spend the last leg of the trip with her. I was very tired by the time we arrived at our place.



Saturday morning before heading to the race expo Shay and I did an easy paced run and explored Somerville. We are close to Harvard University which is a beautiful campus.



The week overall felt good running wise but my sleep was restless because my mind that wouldn’t shut off. I tried to think about other things and to sleep go back to sleep but I was awake this past week from 2:30 am on.

Total distance this week: 23.54km. I think my mind ran more then my legs.

When you can’t sleep what do you do?


6 thoughts on “Boston Training 2016: The end.

  1. You are so ready for this! High five the kiddos and kiss the ladies from Welsley College, listen to the roar of the crowds on Heartbreak and know that energy is for you. Have a JOY filled run Kyla Bird!


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