Finding my trail legs

Now that the Boston Marathon run is complete, my next big race on the calendar is the Broken Goat 50km in Rossland, British Columbia on July 16th. It is a trail run with 7,500ft ascent and 9,000ft descent. It’s a good thing I don’t really understand how high that climb is because I may not have signed up. Ha! This will be the first time I have run that distance so it is a new challenge for me. I ran the inaugural Broken Goat 25km trail run last July and enjoyed it so fingers crossed I like this distance too.

This weekend as a break from working on my assignments for the Academic Writing Course I started last week, I spent time solo on the trails. It was just what I needed and gave me time to think.

On Saturday, mid-morning I headed to Thetis Lake which isn’t very far from my house and did some exploring. I ran part of the lake trail and then veered off towards Stewart Mountain. I had run it once a long time ago and thought it was time to try again. Along the way, I saw Jeanette and Shawna who were out for an adventure of their own.


At the beginning of my run, I was feeling lonely. I had just spent the last 18 weeks running with friends for my marathon training and now I was solo. I had my iPod playing and that helped a bit. Eventually, I just settled into the groove and enjoyed my run. I even went exploring and found some trails I had never been on behind Stewart Mountain as well. I was unsure to where the trails went so I checked them out a little but decided to save some of the explorings for days when I have a longer run scheduled.

I ran for two hours, covered 18km and it felt good.

Top of Stewart Mountain and some old cars I found when exploring.

Sunday, I wanted to do more running and add in some hiking because I think a lot of the Broken Goat race for me will involve hiking up the mountains. I drove to Mt. Finlayson and it was busy. I figured it would be because the weather was perfect and I was also starting later in the day.

I made myself run the trail to the steepest rock section, where my run became more like hiking. I pushed myself until I caught up with some other hikers who I passed when I could.  I made it to the top in thirty minutes, took a quick photo and headed down the back side of the trail. I eventually made my way back to the path that leads you to the Bear Mountain trails and I cruised through those back to Mt. Finlayson. I was out for 1.5 hours and covered 7km. Quite the difference compared to what I can run on the roads in that amount of time.

So clear from the top of Mt. Finlayson.

The Broken Goat 25km race took me just under three hours to complete. I know that the 50km race will be much harder and I have a feeling it will take me seven hours and a bit…if I am lucky. All I know right now is that I am looking forward to the views and the whole experience. Eleven weeks and counting.

Have you run a 50km trail run?

What is your advice for me?

Did your training involve hikes or just running?

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