2016 Highs and Lows. 2017 Moving Foward.

The first seven months of 2016 had some amazing moments for me and they were:

  • Being a run leader for the Frontrunners Marathon clinic that went from January -May 2016. I met some amazing runners and made new friends. I enjoyed being part of the running community.
  • I ran the VIRA series and tied with Jen. It came down to a coin toss and I took 4th place overall for our age group.
  • In April ran the Boston Marathon for the first time and enjoyed everything! I still get goosebumps when I think about it and while I have been asked if I am going back this year, I am not. Perhaps some day but for now I want to just ride the wave of the memories and moments of my first Boston experience.
  •  In May I moved from the roads to trail running with my friend Karen. We were training for The Broken Goat 50km in Rossland and it was going to be my first 50km trail run. I was excited and scared about the idea of running that far but ready for the new challenge.
  • Hours of time spent on the trails with Karen meant that we got to strengthen our friendship and learn more about each other. While some days of training were harder mentally and physically, we each encouraged each other.
  • In July I ran my first 50km race, The Broken Goat and although it was hard, it was also breathtakingly beautiful and not just because of the climbs. I finished in 6 h 43 mins and was 5th woman overall. I am incredibly proud of myself and I did start a blog post to recap the race but it never got finished.


The last five months of 2016 were full of some hard times and I don’t want to dwell on them here because I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. I am sure that people look at my life and think that it is perfect, or close to and for the most part, my day to day life is pretty awesome. I am loved, healthy and active and have a roof over my head but that doesn’t mean things can’t go sideways.
With all the events and busy times over the five months, I became injured externally and internally. I closed myself off from the outside world and went through the motions of day to day life even though I would have rather just stayed at home. I thought of friends but didn’t interact with them or not like I normally would. I stopped caring about what I was eating and I stopped exercising. I wanted to go for runs but had no ability to. One day I started to run to Warren’s work and the entire time I ran I said to myself “I’m waving white flags.” That may sound strange but it was my sign that it was time to seek outside help. Talking to Warren and a few friends wasn’t enough to get me through the dark hole I was spiraling down.
I am on the brighter side of that hole and feel better. I have learned more about myself in those hard times and seeking help was the best thing I could do for me. I feel no shame in admitting it and would encourage anyone. I was lucky and found someone word of mouth because the internet was too overwhelming with choices. The main reason for this post is to show that the glass is not always full, even when from the outside it may look like it is.
2017 is a year about me and finding who I am again. Things I see are for me are:
  • Take more time to relax and not always be rushed to fill my days with something. That having a nap is good.
  • Run for the enjoyment of running and not because I have to train for something.
  • Take in the sights and sense of community for the VIRA series this winter.
  • Don’t get burned out.
  • Keep my work hours to being 8:00 am-4:30 pm. This is huge.
  • Work on strength training and incorporating some yoga.

I am sure that more things will come along that I want to work on for myself but for now, these are a few things.

What does this year bring for you or do you hope it brings for you?


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