A Runners story

Who are you running for?

What made you start to run?

When was the right time for you?

Where are you running?

Why did you stop?

All these questions are about YOU and they have guided you in one way or another on your journey to create your story about why you are a runner. Even if you have stopped running, you have a story about why you stopped.

I was never a fan of running and my sister always loved it. I decided I would start running after a break up happened when I lived in Nova Scotia. It wasn’t until I met Warren and moved to Victoria almost nine years ago, that I really start pushing myself and being more competitive when I run.

I am blogging about this because I was inspired by one of our new runners to the clinic that I am helping out with again at Frontrunners. In the Westshore store, we had about nine “new” runners starting, there were just about as many leaders and there were also new and returning members of the Frontrunners Athletic Club (FAC) at the ready to guide them on an 8km run through the Langford area.

When Warren and I arrived there were mostly club members in the store and a few minutes later two ladies walked in the store. One of the first things one of them said was “Wow, everyone is so fit.” That comment brought back the same nervous feeling and uncertainty that I was in the right place, when I first joined the club four years ago. I went over to introduce myself and get to know them. I also mentioned that all of us have a story about why we were there.

First clinic night at Frontrunners Westshore. New runners, leaders and FAC members.

After a brief talk to start the clinic we headed out for our run. I weaved along the route trying to meet new people and also touch base with my friends in the club. I enjoyed the run and learning why people were there. I finished the last of the run with Linda, who I spoke to in the beginning. I asked her how she was feeling as she was just getting back into running again.

As we ran I said to her “Remember how I said that everyone has a story in this group?” She said yes and I continued to tell her what I was coming back from. She was surprised. She then told me her story and that her goal for being in the clinic is to improve her half-marathon time and train for it properly. I’m excited to see her progress.

I decided that I would also share with her that we have one club member who has lost over 200 lbs and another who has lost 30 lbs. The leaders in this group are club members who have their own story but are leaders because they want to see others succeed and reach their goal. And we have some members in the club who I have yet to find out why they started running but they need to push on Wednesday nights like I do. Speed work is never fun on your own and we are like a big family.

So, the next time you are running with someone new find out their story? I am sure you will find it a nice distraction as you are putting in the distance for your next goal.


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