New Motivation

Most people when they buy something new there is a feeling of excitement and an improved mood that comes along with it. It could be as simple as a new toothbrush, a new shirt for a night out or for a runner, a new pair of sneakers. Regardless, I think most of you know the feeling I am referring to.

I found new motivation this weekend while running. I don’t have a new pair of sneakers but I do have something that is a permanent fixture on my body.

Al working on my tattoo.
Al hard at work.

Karen and I had been spending time thinking about and trying to find something that was “me” and spoke to me when it came to a tattoo. We had come up with a few ideas and then one day we figured it out the final design. She met me at Goldstream Tattoo last week and Al created this on my wrist. I absolutely love it!

Final product.
Final product.

Why did I choose this?

The mountains because…

I love seeing them every day from across the water and like life, they are always changing.

I love to climb and run them with friends or even alone. There are so many to explore and my goal is to find a way of reaching the top.

The sunrise because…

My love of early mornings. The beauty the light brings and how everything the light touches is my kingdom.

For the quietness and the new clarity, it brings to the day and my mind. I’m out running or riding my bike before the majority of Victoria stirs.
Signifies ‘me time’. I am not needed by anyone and the only person who can interfere with ‘me time’ is myself.  Some days I can be my own worst enemy and I am just being lazy. Other days I can be in a mental funk and struggle to be active but realizing and listening to those thoughts are beneficial to topping up my “bank account“.

Run your run because…

It is what I tell people when I support my fellow runners on their run.

It is a reminder for me to do just that depending on the day. Some days I may feel strong and fast while other days I may feel slow and steady. And some days, that run may just turn into a walk, which is ok as well.

My tattoo as a whole,is a reminder of my love of Victoria and how it is home. I have grown and learned so much about myself since being here. I have loved. I have overcome challenges and I have been rewarded with many accomplishments and friendships. I start a new beginning and look forward to what lies over the mountains and comes with each new day.

Do you have a tattoo that has meaning to you?


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