Building My New Foundation

I have been given various bits of advice over the last few months and they have all fit into this puzzle to get me to where I am today.  I have valued everything that people have shared with me and done to support me. As my way of giving back, I want to share with you the things I have learned and my journey to this point.
1. Hugs. The extra hugs I have received are wonderful and to me, a hug is one of the best medicines. They can bring happiness and sadness but I have learned to embrace both. Sadness is something I can’t hold back or hide from, it is part of how I heal and move on. Those tears are less now seldom.
2. My running community. They are there for me to run with and share stories with. They are there to go with on adventures to explore new areas. They are there for me to help as well. With the way, social media is now there are always posts about races looking for volunteers. As I am still being selective in races I register for, I have done a lot of volunteering this past month. It has been a win-win situation because I helped them,  I connected with my friends who were racing but I also got to meet new people. My running community is getting bigger and bigger on the island. I have even thought about volunteering at races off the island just so I can travel and see new places. So, if anyone wants to have me in their carpool…
3. Moment by Moment. One day I was asked how I was doing and I said I am making it “Day by day.” She told me “Days are too long. Live moment by moment.” That stuck with me and have used it. I don’t know days, just moments and making the most of them. I’m not in a hurry to rush through the good or the bad.
4. Foundation Blocks. I reconnected with Beth again last week as I wanted some guidance as to where to go next on this journey.  I had been struggling with saying “we” when I was talking to people. I had really noticed this ‘habit’ when I met Heather. It was bothering me but at the time I didn’t know how to change it. Beth showed me that it was Ok. I had created a history and a foundation that was “we” for a long time. I need to give myself the time to break the habit and it wasn’t going to change over night.

She also helped me to see that I was in the process of building a new foundation but right now it is a bit unstable with not many “I” stories yet. With a bowl of rocks she had in her office, she asked me to take out rocks to represent the “new blocks” that I have already laid down. All of the things I have been doing the last few months and the people I am meeting are helping me with my new foundation.

On my bike ride home that night I thought about all the new bricks that would be making it more stable and bigger. I got energized. I am loving the new way of looking at my life and I feel a new sense of excitement. I will still live moment by moment but those moments are part of everything.

Building a new foundation
It takes a community to help build my foundation.
5. Myself. I have learned a lot about me so far this year, even before all of this happened and I am just getting started. Each day I am feeling more confident and I am realizing I am stronger than I thought I was. I am willing to share my journey in hopes that it helps someone else. I am willing to say “No” to myself and allow my body to rest. That may sound funny but there was a time when I didn’t do that well and would beat myself up for not doing something. I felt guilty. Not now, my body thanks me and I listen.
I am still that person who wears my heart on my sleeve and you will know my ups and downs easily. I am not afraid to hide that about me. I recently said to a friend ” I am loud and proud and not afraid to ask for help.” She got tears and told me thank you.
I started my blog to motivate, inspire and encourage others in fitness but if I can do the same in another way than I am still succeeding in my posts.  My words may not connect with some people and that can happen with any blog post. I am ok with that but if I connect with one I am happy.
Are you that one?

8 thoughts on “Building My New Foundation

  1. The word that comes to mind after reading this is SOLID. You are working very hard, Kyla and doing so much to build a life of happiness. In turn you are touching those around you and spreading your strength!!!


    1. Thank you Leslie. I like SOLID. 🙂

      I remember our first meeting in Cobble Hill and how you told me you appreciated my being so honest in one of my first posts of my journey. It has stuck with me. Happy I can share my strength because I am getting it from others.


  2. Kyla- You were born with it kiddo. Your strength and determination, as well as your ability to live in the moment and plan your days will take you further than you ever thought possible. Big Hugs from your favourite old auntie

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