A Month of Foundation Building

Well, June has come and gone and it was full of successes that have brought out my strengths mentally and physically while discovering more about myself. This is an update to share with you the foundation blocks I built.

The first weekend in June I headed to Whistler with some girlfriends to run in the inaugural 30km Lost Lake Challenge race. The morning of, my nerves were front and center, as well as a pounding headache that stayed with me for the first 5km or so. Not fun but it didn’t stop me from feeling on fire! I loved everything about the race and there wasn’t a moment when my body or mind wanted to stop. I was a freak of nature as I have been called before. I truly believe that my body rewarded me with an amazing feeling run because I gave it the time it needed to heal starting back in January. I finish the race second woman overall and second in my age group. For my efforts, I received some money and I used it to buy a print by Chili Thom called “Light At The End of The Tunnel.” I wanted a keepsake that I could look back on to be reminded what took place and the weekend that went along with it. This was a big block in my new foundation.



I feel I have done a lot of ‘adulting’ this past month being in appointments with those who can help me make the changes needed to move forward. There were feelings of the unknown, questioning what to do next and inside my confidence level wasn’t the strongest. In the end though, I was successful because deep, down inside I am actually stronger than I give myself credit for. I was also told, by two wise women that when I am in these meetings that I should keep both feet planted firmly on the ground to help stabilize my base and help me to feel grounded. Their advice helped me.

As I have had to sign my name more lately I have given a lot thought about if I would stay Kyla Beattie or if I would go back to being Kyla Baltzer. Some of you are like who? I have always believed a part of marriage was taking your husband’s last name but never thought about what I would do should it end. I have decided that I will stay as Kyla Beattie because it feels like who I am and when I say, Kyla Baltzer, that person feels unknown. I am looking at life moving forward and to go back to my maiden name right now feels like a step back. I am learning who I am this year and creating a new life, with new memories and experiences which is building a new version of me as Kyla Beattie 2.0.

On June 30th, 2008 I moved to Victoria to start a new novel in my life to go along with the many other novels that have been created. The last novel was of full of love, the little things, big life changing events and so many new experiences and friendships built. The last week of June, nine years ago I was spending time with family and friends in Nova Scotia, packing up the last of my life there and I was full of excitement to get on the plane and make my way to Victoria. The last week of June this year I started another new novel but on my own. Our divorce papers were filed and I found out that by hopefully next week I will officially be a homeowner and the condo will be mine. I am very excited about this and it will be the first time that I have owned a home on my own and I look forward to building memories in it.

Other news, in my world of running, is that I am leading a Frontrunners Marathon Clinic again but this time with Sue. In the group, there are a few runners who have never run a marathon and there are a couple who have. I am enjoying sharing my knowledge of marathon training with them and they are appreciating what I have to say. I think if I could make this my full-time job I would. I realize I am the happiest doing this.


Missing from photo: Sue and Ruby


More running related news is that I have started my training for the Dopey Challenge that takes place from January 3-7, 2018 in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. I heard about this event a few years ago from a fellow blogger who had done it. I put it on my bucket list and decided running it was how I want to celebrate my 40th Birthday, which takes place a few days after the races. I will run four races in four days: 5km, 10km, half marathon and then a marathon for a total distance of 78.3km. I am very excited about this because it is putting my body through a new kind of running experience and I love traveling and exploring a new place.


So, overall I am doing really well.  I am stronger each day and when I look back to where I was in March, I have made huge progress. My life right now is kind of like a marathon training plan – full of mixed emotions but always moving towards the end goal.



10 thoughts on “A Month of Foundation Building

  1. Love your rawness Kyla. You’re an inspiration on more levels then I can put to words. Proud of you and your mindset. Wishing you continued love, happiness and abundance.

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    1. Thank you Karli. I find sharing helps me and also helps others I am finding out as I write about my journey.

      One foot in front of the other and moving forward is the only way to go. I can’t go back and change things, only learn from it. And I am learning a lot.


    1. It has definitely been challenging but I have learned a lot. I do wonder how I learn to trust again and if I will be able to. I know I can’t rush it and I am sure with time and patience it will come but right now that part feels scary. Thanks for all of your support.

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  2. Kyla, you just keep moving forward. Awesome!!! And I love how you decided to purchase the artwork after your Whistler victory. Having a beautiful piece of art in your very own home will be something you cherish for many years!!! xo

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