Easy run

Last night was run club night and on the schedule was an “easy run”. This is rare on Wednesday nights because it is usually speed or interval training that we are doing. Some of the group need to start tapering because they are running in the GoodLife Fitness marathon and half marathon that takes place on Sunday, October 13th. 

Warren had done his own run after work so he wasn’t going to run club. I could have done the same but I wanted to see the people and catch up. I like that part of the group as well as the workout.

I got ready to go and was out the door a little before 6:00pm. It had started raining before I left but it was warm so I didn’t mind. I had worn a long sleeved shirt over my tee shirt but about 20 minutes into the run I had to take it off. The rain had also slowed and by the end had stopped.

I ran with Cindy and we caught up on each other’s week and also chatted about our run we are doing together on Sunday. It was nice to run and just chat and not think about having to pick up pace or watch the time. We were told a route to follow so we didn’t have to worry about not going the right way for that either because it was a big 12km loop that took us down by the Lagoon. Now it is nice because you run downhill and then the road is flat along the Lagoon but the only part was…what goes down must go back up. So, we had to tackle the long, steep, gradual hill that climbed up the other side. 


Whew…made it and then it was flat for the most part back to the store. Cindy and I ran alone for the majority but as we got closer to Frontrunners we met up with some others. The run was about an hour and 15 minutes and I was happy I went.

Best part was coming home to a hot shower and meal.

What is the best part of a run in the rain for you?

6 thoughts on “Easy run

    1. Yes, a shower and relaxing are a great way to end a run too.

      A warm rain run is never so bad. I would suggest trying it.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy running!


    1. Yes they do Erin.
      I try to never schedule anything on Wednesday nights so I can go to run club. It is my social time with my running friends and a workout.

      Are you part of a group for running or other fitness activities?

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend.


  1. I’m a wimp about the rain unless I happen to be caught in it running. Then I find myself enjoying whether I’d normally shirk from. I actually like being that person that’s braving the rain. And yes, the shower afterward is always great!


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