Day in the Life of being me

So, Amanda mentioned to me last weekend that I should do a Day in the Life of Kyla post because she was thought people would want to know how I go about my day and how I do what I do. She and her sister Emily have also written Day in a Life posts on their blogs and I found them interesting so maybe she is right.

I typically don’t set an alarm to wake up and do so naturally but on Thursday’s I set one for 5:00am because I use to car to go do my stair workout. Yesterday though I was awake at 4:42am so I just got up.

Wake up, get dressed, have coffee, get my dose of sun for the dayI get dressed in my workout gear and come downstairs. Warren got up at the same time as me so when I came downstairs he had coffee poured for me. I have two cups of and take my Vitamin D. Got to get my sun kick for the day!

While I drink coffee I check my Facebook, Gmail and my WordPress account because I want to see what has happened while I was sleeping. Next up I start our lunches and get breakfast ready. I don’t eat my full breakfast before I get to work because I don’t like to workout on a full stomach. Coffee and a snack is what I like. Some days it is a banana, or some almonds and dates or hard-boiled eggs. Whatever I can grab that is quick and simple.

Each morning like clockwork Lokey will sit on the island in our kitchen and cry or whine at me. She is hoping that I have the butter out and that she will get some. Some mornings she is lucky and dose and other mornings I can soothe her with cat nip.

I get our lunches ready and put them in the small Lululemon bags in the fridge and will let Warren know which lunch bag is his to take. I don’t like to come home to dirty dishes in the sink and we don’t use the dishwasher so between Warren and I we wash up any dishes we use in the morning before we leave.

Lokey, lunch, snack before workout, clean dishes just done and that was just from the morning

I head out the door at 5:50am to get in the car with my iPod, head light, Garmin watch and heart rate monitor. I am headed to the stairs on Veteran’s Memorial Road and want to be there for 6:00am because I must have the car back to Warren for 6:50am. Any other morning when I leave the house for a workout I will run or do my own version of a boot camp.

Once I arrive at the stairs I set my watch for 40 minutes and I am off running up the path. I then set out 12 small rocks on the log because I think I have enough time to do 12 sets of stair repeats and I was right. I have my iPod playing and one headphone in one ear. As I run up and down the stairs I can hear an owl and also the water running down the hill next to the stairs. It is a great way to start the day. I love working out in the morning because in the evening I just want to be home relaxing and eating.

I arrive back home at 6:50am, give Warren a kiss and he is off. I then head upstairs for a quick stretch and to get ready for work. I need to get a shower but I never make it to the shower right away. I always stop and do something productive before I make it there. Maybe there is some laundry that needs to be put away, the cat litter needs to be scooped, Facebook needs to be checked again, or maybe it is just giving the kiddos some attention.

Workout time, 12 rocks for 12 repeats, time to go back home, make up routine, Me ready for the day

I get in the shower around 7:10am and I now have to hurry to get ready because I have taken too long doing something I could have let wait until the evening. I then go through and put the basics on my face for make up. If I have time then some days I will put eye shadow on and blow dry my hair but most days the last two things never happen. Even on Wednesday’s when I am home in the morning because I work out in the evenings, those things don’t happen.

I head back downstairs by 7:45 am, put my lunch into my backpack, and hop on Huli to head to Royal Roads University where I work. We cruise along the same route most mornings to get to work but the view is always different depending on the weather. Yesterday I was lucky and it was a bright sunny day with low-lying fog. It was beautiful.

As I make my way on campus I see Emilie walking to her office and then see Shelley, one of the gardener’s I typically see each day.  I pass by the Castle and look down at the Lagoon. Some days you can see the mountain across the water and other days it is just a wall of cloud. The view is always different and I love it. I then make my way past the Library and the Rose Cottage and I arrive at work for 8:00am at the Commandants House. I am working with the School of Communication and Culture as a Program Associate until December because they needed a helping hand for a few months. In January I will go back to the School of RRUTourism and Hospitality.  I park Huli in the gardener’s shed and head into work.

I unpack my lunch and put it into the fridge drawer where I keep all my food. I make my way up to the second floor, turn on my computer, fill up my water pitcher and the turn on the hot water kettle for tea. I get my breakfast and sit down to check my emails.

Typically the first part of the morning is spent catching up with my co-workers over tea or coffee. It is a nice way to ease into the morning and then we start working or head off a meeting. Between 11:00-11:30am I then have lunch at my desk because it is rare that I make it until noon to eat.

I always plan walk dates for my lunch break planned and yesterday I had a date with Kirsty. We went to check out the mushrooms I had seen the day before with Kate and get a picture of them.  It was a beautiful day for a walk on campus and it is good to catch up with her because it was our last walk on campus before she leaves on maternity leave next week.

Life at RRUAfter our walk I head back to the office and work until 4:30pm. Huli and I then home to catch up with Warren and see how his day was. Typically we just spend the evening at home relaxing after supper with the kiddos curled up with us. Last night though we had Kim and Jason over for dinner and played the game Cards Against Humanity. It was a fun night and lots of laughs had.

What does a day in the life of you look like?


2 thoughts on “Day in the Life of being me

    1. I didn’t always be this way Erin but it is just how I work now. Sleeping in for us is occasionally 7:00am but that is so very rare. Weekends we still get up early.



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