Matheson Lake wander

Yesterday Warren and I were up early and had done a lot even before noon. The whole day in general felt like a nice long Sunday compared to our Saturday which flew by.

It was a drizzly morning but it wasn’t cold which was nice. When I had asked Warren what he wanted to do he suggested that we could go for a hike around Matheson Lake. I was game for that because we hadn’t been there for a long time so it would feel like I was seeing a new place so to speak. We grabbed a quick snack and headed out around 9:15am. I wore my rubber boots because I wasn’t sure how muddy the trail was going to be. It ended up being pretty good though because of the large trees around the trail. They sheltered the path and it was only muddy in a few spots.

It was a nice way to spend part of our Sunday by getting some fresh air and spending time together. I of course had to stop and take some pictures along the way. The lake just looked so pretty.

Misty Matheson Lake
Misty Matheson Lake


Funky tree
Funky tree

Have you hiked or ran Matheson Lake? I think the next time we go I will run it.

How was your Sunday?



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